Hey there! I am Megan Chauvet.

(That's pronounced "Show-vey" in case you're wondering ;) And yes, it is French!

  • Specializing in all things motherhood ♡
  • Serving the Greater Pittsburgh area
  • Can always find me snacking
  • My style is laid back, fun and sincere
  • Outdoor sessions and natural light are where it's at
  • Camper/fisher/hunter/kayaker
  • Lover of DIY projects and crafts
  • Once a week pizza-eater
  • Wall art fanatic... SHOW OFF your family!

My motto as a photographer is Never Lose "Focus"! I love to shop, create unique and personal gifts, snuggle my two beagle babies (Auggie and Zoey), and focus on the joys in life.

I am a proud wife to my hard-working husband Matt and probably an over protective mama to our son, Matthew James. Motherhood is something I have dreamed of for many years and I have learned SO much through my journey. In turn, I have become an advocate and supporter of moms, ESPECIALLY first-time-moms. My experience greatly influenced this passion which I believe is my calling. I LOVE being able to help women that may be struggling with their pregnancy or the effects of postpartum.

I'm always up for an adventure, stepping out of my comfort zone and learning new things along the way. Gotta keep it interesting, am I right! ♥

My Wish for You

Photography has always been a part of who I am. From a young age, I started taking pictures, printing them like crazy and keeping them organized. I had so many that I had to start scrapbooking and putting them into albums. I literally wrote the date on the backs of every single one (just like my Grandma did). It always was important to not only remember the moment but to also know when that moment took place in the story of our lives.

I truly believe in the POWER of having amazing wall art to proudly display in your home rather than a digital file that never leaves your phone or computer. A digital file, to me, is an unfinished project, a "negative" of film so to speak. I am one that has to see a project come together until the very end, the end in this case being your masterpiece that you will admire on your walls of your family for years to come.

When I lost my dad suddenly in March 2020, it changed my whole perspective on life. The first thing you reach for are the photographs to remember.. and I couldn't help but think of all the times my mom wished we had more family pictures together. Photographs are a way to capture the legacy of someone's life, in all stages and through every milestone. I want to do exactly that for you, from the bottom of my heart. ♡

Ready to get started?

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