How many times have you went to get ready for a special occasion and went to your closet only to find that familiar feeling of having "nothing to wear"? I know I can't even count the times that this has happened to me. What I have learned from this is to always take some time before the event to go shopping!!

That's right. I am giving you permission to go shopping. And the reason I am telling you to do so is if you're anything like me, you want to look and feel your best! Your time leading up to being a mother IS a special occasion and I truly believe you should treat yourself. Finding the perfect maternity dress will take some searching but it is SO worth it.

Tips for Finding the Perfect Maternity Dress

  1. Choose solid, neutral colors
  2. Try to avoid patterns and bright colors as they are distracting and can take away from that beautiful baby bump.
  3. It will also help with coordinating your significant other's outfit should you decide to incorporate them!
  4. Find a unique style
  5. Choose something that is out of the ordinary. You can play it safe based on your comfort level but what better opportunity to wear something fancy or that dress that you find yourself saying, "it's beautiful but I just don't know where I'd wear it". Those are the ones that look stunning in photographs and make this special occasion extra special and "over the top".. in a good way!
  6. Dress for the season
  7. I don't mean wear a Christmas dress but rather something that is fitting to the weather and environment. Not only will you look like you fit the scene, you'll also be thankful to have some sleeves to cover your arms when it's colder or less coverage when it's hot.
  8. Try stuff on
  9. I HIGHLY recommend taking a nice shower, do your hair (and/or makeup) and put the dress on in front of a mirror. Make sure you look and feel your best. Your comfort is first priority.
  10. Give yourself enough time (but not too much)
  11. As I'm sure you're aware, your belly is growing. Allow yourself some time to shop but don't invest in a dress that's form fitting if you're still a month away from your session or shower. Account for the changes in your body and don't stress if you find a dress that doesn't fit. That's normal. If you've given yourself enough time, you'll get more chances to find the perfect one!
  12. Don't be afraid to accessorize!
  13. A hat, floral crown or sash can really take a simple dress to the next level!

Some Help with Finding the Perfect Maternity Dress

I still recommend doing your shopping with plenty of time before any photography session or shower in case you get the dress, try it on and either don't like the fit, style or color. You can always check Etsy or Baltic Born for some stunning gowns. There are even some on Amazon and here are a few I found on there if you get short-handed on time:

1) Cowl Neck/Off the Shoulder - $42

Cute, soft, stretchy! I recommend the Mocha, Tealaqua, Vtgpurple, or Indigo.

2) Off shoulder/long sleeved/split front - $33

Very open and more revealing for the mommas who want to show some skin and full baby bump! For this style, try the Creamy White, White, Pink or Mint Green.

3) Ruffles/Slim with Train - $40

Soft, lightweight with some character. Denim Blue, Beige, or Pink would be great choices.

4) V-Neck with Pockets - $37

The sleeves are 3/4 length and it comes with an adorable flower sash! Grab a Ltmauve, Ltmocha, or Ltolive for some stunning photographs.

Other Advantages of Finding the Perfect Maternity Dress

You can get many uses out of your maternity dress when you find THE ONE! Not only can you get gorgeous photographs of you in it but you can also wear it to your shower/sprinkle or any other baby events that your friends or family may have planned for you. You could also save it if you have a girl and get her pictures taken in it for fun! If you don't want it in your closet, you could always donate it or give it to a friend/family member or even to your photographer.

Not only will you look and feel your best, the photographs you will get when finding the perfect maternity dress will be worth your time and investment. From your shower to your maternity session, you will be the star of the show!