Finding a Great Location

with Chapin & Tyler

Finding a great location takes time, patience and determination. But sometimes it takes just asking! I only had a few days to find a great location for my couple to do a golden hour session so I made a post to the Pittsburgh Photographers Facebook group. In no time at all, I had a couple recommendations, one of which was about half way between myself and my couple.

I planned to meet them at Wingfield Pines for their session but when the time came, it was an overcast day with not much light pouring into the bottom field. So, I improvised (having plenty of time before hand) by doing a quick drive around the area. It just so happened that the location I had originally chosen was right across the street from a new location that a fellow photographer had recently recommended. Without a doubt, I headed on over!

Listening Can Help With Finding a Great Location

Being that they are outdoorsy and spontaneous, I knew they would love the new location! I base most of my decisions about location on the questionnaire that I send to my couples prior to their session. My questionnaire always asks things like "How do you feel about adventurous poses like laying on the ground together" in which Chapin responded with "we're in for that". So my mind already starting envisioning where I could take them! It really helps with finding a great location by incorporating these answers. By listening to what my couples want, I can strategically plan poses/prompts and where I will position my clients at the great location we agree on.

Client Benefits from Finding a Great Location

One of the benefits of finding a great location means all the focus is on YOU! Since I have already navigated the grounds and am familiar with the area, I can put all of my attention on putting you at ease! I am a planner and I always come prepared with prompts and ways to make it feel like a fun date or a little adventure!

Another benefit to finding a great location is that it puts everyone at ease. Just think how you feel when you show up to a place that you have never been. It's can be a little uncomfortable and nerve-wracking but I take that worry off your plate because I have already scoped it out and make a plan accordingly.

I also can continue to use it for future sessions and create even more memories with more people! Nothing to me is more fulfilling than helping my clients and showing them the benefits of what I do.

Ironically enough, Chapin even asked me how I found such a cool spot! I honestly said "I just asked on Facebook!" Sometimes it does take covering a lot of ground to find unique places but sometimes, it helps to just use the resources at hand, especially in a pinch! Thanks again to Kayla Tannehill for being so generous and willing to share her spot with me!